Offshore Diving Services

Red7’s comprehensive offshore diving services capability provides the backbone to the company through specialising in vessel and platform based inspection, repair and maintenance, including light construction activities, drilling support and decommissioning services.  The company has enjoyed considerable growth through investment into its core diving activities and remains a leading contractor in the offshore Renewables and Oil & Gas sectors.

We undertake Air and Nitrox diving as a core competence activity and to-date have carried out many thousands of safe and successful dives each year, working as a minimum to the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) guidelines.

Led by a strong management team we are able to attract and retain highly experienced engineering and offshore delivery teams and we have earned a reputation for delivering our services in a knowledgeable, responsible, safe, and expedient manner. Red7 is recognised as a company with the right attitude to work and one who continually provides excellent value for money.

Some of the services we offer include:

Infrastructure Support:

  • Pipeline and Wet Welding Repairs
  • Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Programs (IRM)
  • Subsea Well Inspection and Maintenance
  • NDT, Corrosion Assessment and Monitoring
  • Corrosion Protection Systems IC and Sacrificial Anodes
  • Mooring, and Chain Anchor Leg Surveys
  • Dropped Object (DROPS) Surveys
  • Appurtenance/Staging/Boat Landing Removal
  • Subsea Cleaning
  • Pipeline Inspection, Stabilization and Repair
  • Jack Up Leg Scour Surveys and Remediation
  • Controlled Flow Excavation and Reburial
  • ROVs, Specialized Tooling and Sensors
  • Rope Access

Light Construction Operations:

  • Riser Installations
  • Pigging and Pressure Testing
  • Pipeline Protection
  • Spool Tie-In
  • Flexible Flow-Line / Umbilical Installation

Decommissioning Operations:

  • Platform Removal Support
  • Subsea Well Abandonment
  • Pipeline and Umbilical Deburial and Recovery
  • Subsea Structure Recovery
  • Subsea Protection Mattress Recovery
  • Platform and Pipeline Abandonment
  • Hydro Demolition and Diamond Wire Cutting
  • Underwater Explosive Cutting and Separation
  • Controlled Flow Excavation and Seabed Levelling

Offshore Diving Gallery