Inshore Diving

Red7 is recognised as a leading UK based diving contractor who specialises in inland and coastal marine inspection and construction support services.  Our primary markets are within the UK’s inland/inshore marine construction and offshore renewable energy sectors.

Providing specialist diving and subsea services to the marine construction industry requires a multitude of competent skills sets and as a result, Red7 has established a permanent dedicated work force to ensure the delivery of well managed projects on time and in budget.

Red7 has manufactured a comprehensive pool of specialist air diving equipment and subsea tools packages, all of which can be readily provided for most projects, from containerised compression chamber/dive control packages to light weight air freight dive systems, having been designed to ensure compliance with all statutory UK HSE Diving at Work Regulations.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Outfall pipeline installation, repair and inspection
  • Diving within nuclear electric power stations forebays and inlet / outlet structures
  • Slipway installation, repair and inspection
  • Hyperbaric wet welding of anodes and double plates to steel sheet and tubular piling
  • Ultra-thermic (Broco) cutting of steel sheet piles and structures
  • Scour protection:
    • Concrete mattresses
    • Gabion baskets
    • Grout mattresses
    • Frond mattresses
  • Concrete and grout placement
  • Salvage and recovery
  • Demolition of marine structures
  • Inspection of marine structures above and below water
  • Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) surveys

Inshore Diving Gallery