The Red7 brand represents a well respected management team in the inshore and offshore diving industry, having formed its roots in the inshore and coastal sector in 1996 then known as Anglian Marine Services Ltd; which itself had become a leading and well respected company in the UK inshore and coastal diving industry.

The Red7 management team also established a reputation for being the leading offshore renewables provider which remains a core activity, and having been involved in the construction of the initial UK Round 1 wind farm sites over 10 years ago, the Red7 team has helped to shape some of the underwater activities that are still carried out today and considered the norm.  Being the very first company to adopt IMCA offshore diving techniques at an offshore wind farm location, working from a DPII vessel, such techniques have now been adopted at the planning stages by most Tier 1 construction companies.

The company maintains a strong foothold in the UK diving and offshore construction industry today which is led by a very experienced management team, who are very well known and respected within both inshore and offshore markets.

Red7 is set to continue strongly into the future and to continue providing its’ specialist diving and subsea services to all.